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Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

Morning Drop Off

Parents may drop students off in front of the school or by the cafeteria door on the side of the school.  The cafeteria drop-off point can be accessed by the back entrance to the school.

Please do not use the parking areas for drop-off points.    Since our parking situation is very limited, please do not walk your child into the building unless you have an appointment or need to come into the office.  Please don't park your car in the drop-off lane.  This interrupts traffic flow for everyone.  Please make sure to have your child exit the car on the passenger side for safety reasons.


Afternoon Pick-up

  • All students to be dismissed through the front drive with the exception of daycare buses.  There are three lanes on the entrance way and they are numbered one through three.  We ask that you fill each lane completely before filling the next.  Please do not park past the sidewalk to allow room for cars to turn into the additional lanes.  You will be asked to move if you park beyond the sidewalk.  The original drive offers a fourth lane which allows us to keep all traffic off city streets. 
  • When dismissal begins an adult will remove each cone one at a time to let each lane go up to load children. 
  • Please display your students' name cards in your front window to speed up the loading process, and keep it visible until you have loaded your child into the car.
  • All parents/guardians are asked to use the proper procedures for picking up students.  All students who are car riders should be loaded into cars by staff members.  Please do not park your car and get your child out of the car rider line.  This is not safe and it also impedes the flow of traffic.
  • For safety reasons, your child will only be loaded on the passenger side of the car.  We will not allow children to walk between cars to load on the driver's side.
  • All students are expected to be picked up no later than 3:00 p.m. each day unless they are staying for an after school activity.