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"Home of the Bears"

  I will do everything I can to promote the learning, safety,

and respect of myself and others. 

~SCES Pledge

"Remember yesterday, Learn today, and Build tomorrow."  

~SCES Motto~ 


Tuesday, December 19th Early Dismissal 11:30 AM

Winter Break December 20 - January 3


Michael Shoulders, Visiting Author, December 5
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11:30-12:20 5th/6th grades enrichment group discussion of "Crossing the Deadline" ·12:30-1:15 primary...

Use this to help remember what each character pillar means. Trustworthiness : blueThink "true blue"Respect : yellow/goldThink...
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Clinton City Schools is closely monitoring attendance in all 3 schools.  To that end, incentive awards of pizza are rewarded...
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