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  Mission Statement  

South Clinton Elementary School remains dedicated to the mission of Clinton City Schools:  "Recognizing that the future is dependent upon today's students, the mission of the Clinton City Schools is to provide a climate for learning that will create motivated, literate, value-conscious individuals.  The staff, in partnership with all segments of the community will strive to develop responsible, productive citizens who possess the skills and attitudes necessary for active participation in an ever-changing society."

The mission statement set forth by the Board of Education for Clinton City Schools forms the basis for the philosophy and beliefs established by the faculty, administration, and parents of South Clinton Elementary School.  Inclusive in the school philosophy is the responsibility to provide the guidance, opportunities, and encouragement to ensure that students will receive the academic skills necessary to become functional members of society.  The purpose of SCES is to provide each child with an equal opportunity to develop individual talents, abilities, and skills to become a contributing member of society and a good citizen in the community.  This philosophy is congruent with the goals of the Clinton City Board of Education and the State Board of Education.

Therefore, the mission of South Clinton Elementary School is to provide a safe, yet challenging environment where students:  "Remember yesterday, learn today, and build tomorrow."

Each morning, students and staff members recite the school pledge:

"I will do everything I can to promote the learning, safety, and respect of myself and others.”


  About The School  

Welcome to South Clinton Elementary

South Clinton Elementary School is one of the three schools comprising the Clinton City School system. Originally constructed in 1936 as part of the Anderson County School system, the school consisted of six rooms serving grades one through eight. The first recorded enrollment was 237 for the 1937-38 school year. The city of Clinton annexed much of the South Clinton school zone and built a new school that opened in 1986. This building, a one-level brick structure, is fully accessible to persons with physical disabilities. With additions, it now provides 30 rooms that serve kindergarten students through sixth grade. 

All our our teachers are teaching in areas in which they are qualified.  SCES is very lucky to have a group of trained, talented, and experienced educational assistants to supplement the services of our certified staff. All our support staff are highly qualified.