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Welcome to the new Talented & Gifted Program for CCS!

Photography Month
Photography Month

I am proud to showcase all of the hard work from our TAG Program for the months of November, December, January, February, and March :)


During the month of December, the TAG Program from Clinton City Schools participated in dancing. Each week the students learned different line dances and one week the students came up with their own choreography to a song. In addition to learning the dances, students were taught the history of the dances learned. Amanda Hughes, School Counselor at NCES & SCES taught this month’s program, and in true school-counselor style, students were taught some the benefits of dancing such as using dance as a way to calm down when angry or use as a stress reliever.

Photo Journals

During the month of January, the TAG Program from Clinton City Schools created their own photo journals. Each week the students used their creative, artsy skills to add more details and designs to their photo journals.

School Store

In the month of February, TAG students, from Clinton City Schools, learned the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.  The students started a business, took out a loan, and chose, marketed, and sold a product.  Each of the three school businesses successfully paid off their loan and made a profit from their business. The School Store month was lead by Kimberly Hurst.


During the month of March, the TAG Program from Clinton City Schools participated in healthy eating and active exercises through Nutrition activities. Each week the students sampled a nutritious snack and learned about positive nutrition for their body. In addition, the students practiced active and easy exercises in order to live a healthy life style. 

Science Club  

Students from Clinton City Schools TAG program recently participated in a global water experiment for the International Year of Chemistry.  Students tested and treated tap water, water from the Clinch River, and water from the pond behind the Clinton Community Center.  The students then uploaded their data to an international database, synthesized data from around the globe onto an interactive map, and analyzed the results to draw conclusions about water quality around the world. The Science Club month was a chemistry project taught by Kimberly Hurst.

Alphabet Photography

The TAG T was photographed by Ethan J. at SCES, the A was by Sarah C. at CES, and the G was by Jayden T. from NCES! "Alphabet Photography" was a photography project taught by Art Teacher, Abby Vessell, where students had to use careful observation skills to find letters in nature and manmade structures to spell their name. During class, the students searched indoors and outdoors for variety of letters to photograph. The new innovated Talented & Gifted Program at Clinton City Schools has taken off with lightening speed this year, and there will be more to come!!