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Ashley Webb Staff Photo

My name is Ashley Webb, and I am the art teacher at South Clinton Elementary. In 2009, I received my bachelor’s degree in Art Education from Harding University. After teaching for a few years, I was fortunate enough to be part of a grant program through the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching that provided training geared toward integrating literacy across all subjects. I completed that program in 2016 and used it as a spring board to get my Master’s Degree in Literacy and Language. I finished that in May of 2018, and now I am considering new ways to expand my education and expertise as part of my desire to be a lifelong learner.



This is my eighth years of teaching. I have benefited from the opportunity to work in a broad range of settings, from elementary school to middle school to high school. I have been a classroom teacher (teaching first grade), but my great passion is for teaching art. Working across Tennessee and Texas, I have used my training and experience as a classroom teacher to stress  the role the arts can play in both in supporting the general curriculum and as a distinct part of a well-rounded education. My hope is that students will see my classroom as a space to explore their creativity and to find their own artistic path. Art should be a channel for students to explore modes of expression, interpretation, and problem-solving that aren't available outside the arts.




When I am not teaching or working on my own art projects, I enjoy cooking, hiking, and traveling as much as possible with my husband. In the last decade, we have been blessed to spend time in forty-five states, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Belize, Ecuador, and Japan. With three trips to Japan in the last four years, Yokohama has become a home away from home for us, where we shop, eat local food, and cheer loudly for the home baseball team (Go Baystars!). I hope to continue to expand my horizons in the years to come and to carry those experiences and multicultural perspectives back into my art and into my teaching.